Tuesday, December 22, 2015

10th Truth of Christmas- Caught By Surprise

"Mary, get ready; you're gonna get pregnant with the Son of God....before you get married."

"Pardon me, sir, my wife needs somewhere to have her baby, could we maybe borrow your stable?"

"Hello stinky Shepherds, feel like meeting a King tonight?"

The first Christmas was full of surprises. No one actually experiencing it had seen dozens of Nativity plays and movies. It was the first day on set, and no one had read the script. For all of those participating in the first Christmas, they probably felt like they were playing a game of dodge ball with Providence.

I wonder how many times Mary and Joseph threw their hands up in the air and said, "What else could go wrong?" In the moment, without the bigger picture to look at, Mary and hubby probably thought that a lot of things went wrong on that trip. It's possible they even thought the whole stable birth was a mistake.

Life on earth is full of curve balls and surprises. We can't see the future beyond what bits and pieces God chooses to reveal to us. Many things happen unexpectedly and throw us for a loop. "What on earth! Where did this come from? Why now God? Why?"

But there a very important detail that we often forget....

....God is all-knowing. He knows all things that have happened, that are happening, and that have yet to happen.
Pause for a moment and consider this; the Author of our Destiny already knows EVERYTHING that will happen in our lives. There are no surprises to God, He knows every detail that will happen in every moment of your life.

It is scary not knowing what is ahead, I get that, and God gets that. He doesn't judge us for freaking out when something unexpected comes our way. But it is good to remember that the God of the Universe has control over our lives, and He has all of the answers.

Mary probably cried when she realized she would be having her baby in a stable. That situation had to be so terrifying for her. God didn't judge her for feeling that way, even though He knew all things would be well. Instead, He gave her the strength to face the "curve ball" that she was thrown in that moment. And later on, I'm sure the experience made for a dramatic birthing story around the village well.

Getting thrown for a loop is no fun, it's terrifying. It's okay to be scared, and it's okay to cry out to God. He knows our hearts, and He has compassion for our fears. And knowing all of this, He will provide us with what we need in that moment or season of fear. He will give us the grace to carry through whatever surprise comes our way.

Everything that happens in our lives is for a reason, there are no coincidences. God has already written your story, there are no plot twists to Him. He will take care of you, both in the moment, and in the grand scheme of your life.

Have you recently been thrown for a loop? Did something in your life take you by surprise? You are not alone. This Christmas, I encourage all of us to look at the first Christmas as an example of God's grace, provision, and foresight. He will take care of us.

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