Sunday, July 27, 2014

Resistance- Book Review

Synopsis- Could God ever love a half-blood all of society looks upon with such fear and disdain? Jace once believed so, but when a tragic loss shatters the only peace he’s ever known, his faith crumbles as the nagging doubts he’s tried to put behind him descend on his grieving heart. With them come the haunting memories of the bloodstained past he longs to forget, but can never escape. Taken from home at a young age and raised to serve the emperor, Kyrin Altair lives every day under a dangerous pretense of loyalty. After her unique observation skills and perfect memory place her into direct service to the emperor, Kyrin finds herself in further jeopardy as it becomes increasingly difficult to hide her belief in Elôm, the one true God. Following the emperor’s declaration to enforce the worship of false gods under the penalty of death, many lives are endangered. But there are those willing to risk everything to take a stand and offer aid to the persecuted. With their lives traveling paths they never could have imagined, Jace and Kyrin must fight to overcome their own fears and conflicts with society as they become part of the resistance.

This is the 8th book I've read written by Jaye L. Knight (a homeschool graduate), her other books being published under the pen name of Molly Evangeline. I have to say, I have enjoyed just about everything this author has put out, but this book blew me away. The beautiful thing about reading all of an author's works, starting with the earliest, is that you get to see the evolution of the author. Every consecutive book I read from Knight just gets better and better in both depth and writing style. 

Resistance is the first of a six-part series, and after reading this book, I cannot WAIT for the others! The foundation Knight is building for this epic saga is phenomenal. I fell deeply in love with all of the characters of this book, Kyrin and Jace particularly, and I have already developed my own hopes and fears as to their futures. I really appreciate how Knight made the two main characters feel so real. I loved them, I got angry with them, I cried with them, and I gave a sigh of relief whenever they escaped from danger. Some authors make it very difficult for me to connect with the main characters, and I end up loving a sideline character more. But not Knight, no this lady knows how to deliver a juicy character.

I cannot recommend this book enough, and I look forward to the next book in the series! Click here if you are interested in purchasing this fantastic novel; also, if you would like to read an interview with this amazing author there is a fantastic one on one of my favorite blogs here!