Thursday, June 18, 2015

Ring Around the Rose: Of Dragons

Hello folks!

I did one of these posts very recently, when I wrote about meeting one of my favorite literary characters.

Again, I was over at The Pink Cave and felt incredibly amused by the post there. The question being "How would you go about talking a dragon out of eating you, especially if there were no weapons available?"

A funny question, although, if you have a vivid imagination, you probably have actually asked yourself this one before. If you are even, uh, well, even more "special", then you have come up with a game plan in case you should ever find yourself in this unlikely, and yet, still possible, scenario. Fire drill? What's that? The number for 911? Eh, I might have that one memorized. But should a dragon attack ever happen, I will definitely be the one walking out alive, preferably un-singed.

Well, I know what I would do. And this plan has absolutely nothing to do with catapults, sacrificing other humans to save myself, throwing large hunks of dripping raw meat through the air, or firing some spear-like arrow at one exact opening in the armor because a little birdie told me to.

My plan is foolproof, WAY more fun, and if it works out, I have just made my life about 100% more awesome.

It's very simple what you should do to avoid being eaten by a dragon.

You Simply Train It.
Seriously folks! This is the way to go, not only do you save yourself from a horrible death, but you have also gained a best friend for life.

Yes, yes, I know that this....

Happens to be far more trainable, adorable, and sweeter than this....

But, hopefully someone else, in their attempt to not be eaten by a dragon, has already taken care of this beast with the aforementioned plan that included firing a spear-like arrow at a specific opening in the armor. Pray that goes well for them.

But really, what other course is there to take but to train your dragon? And consider the future insurance it gives you against other dragon attacks; were you to have a loyal dragon who would give his life for you, you pretty much have nothing to fear.

Ah, just look at them, aren't they beautiful? This too could be you if you should choose to train your dragon rather than killing it, or foolishly fleeing from a winged beast who can shoot fire and see in the dark. Yes, run little uncoordinated human on the ground! Call me when if you make it out. *turns cell phone off*

My choice? I choose life for me and my dragon, an amazing bond with a magnificent creature, and the icing on the cake, hopefully looking like this one day.

How would you save yourself from the untimely demise brought about by a dragon's teeth?