Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Writing Wednesday: Diary of a Plant- Part 2

Read Part 1 here.

My shoot continued to droop as I felt lost without my seed. What was I supposed to do now?
Before I could fall further into despair, I was hit with another, completely foreign sensation. Did all living things get taken by surprise one thing after another? Was this what living  was? Never knowing what was going to happen next?

The sensation, or rather, sensations, came from the base of my shoot. I felt wriggling and tickling movements come from below. I panicked at first, terrified that the rest of me was going to fall apart just as my seed had.

But, oh! A delicious, rich, wonderful feeling came tingling up through my shoot from the base. Mmmm, it was so satisfying. I hadn’t known how empty my little being had felt until that empty space was suddenly filled with delicious….something!
My shoot straightened. I felt strength coursing through my little self and suddenly I found that I now had the energy to return to my original task of pushing through the wet darkness that surrounded me.

What had changed? As my shoot kept feeling stronger, I looked back down to where my seed at been. What had been a scene of tragedy only a little while before now made me wiggle with joy. I had now had tiny little roots sticking out into the sticky goop. They must have been what was itching so horribly, my seed was holding them back! Once they were freed, they had begun to bring all of that delicious strength into the rest of me.

So, my seed had not been sacrificed in vain. I looked at the broken seed pieces with great reverence for a moment, and then, bravely, I turned my attention back up to where I was pushing my shoot through the darkness. It was time to see what lay beyond this dark little world of tragedy and triumph, it was time to step into the great beyond.

Whatever that was…