Friday, February 13, 2015

The Internet

The Internet...

...that Magical, Mysterious, and Mighty entity that has Changed the Face of the World.

It has singlehandedly created things such as Trends, #hashtags, "gone viral", and Throwback Thursday.

It has created Celebrities and overnight sensations that have swept the Nation.

It has brought thousands of Hearts Together to be joined in marriage.

It has allowed people to Make Money doing what they Love.

It has allowed Go-Getters to learn Skills, do College for next to Nothing, and Start new Businesses.

It has connected People across the World.

It has been the Place where numerous Crusades, Stories, and Truths are Shared. It has allowed Injustice to be brought to Light, and for Important News to be Spread faster than Paul Revere's horse.

It has Enabled the Needy to be Provided for.

It has Given us the Gift of...

Excitement cat -  CAT VIDEOS!

...and Gifs...
Did you just see that guy wipe out?!?!

Now here is the Truth, the Internet can be Dangerous.

However, the Internet is the Single-Most Powerful Tool in the World.

It combines Images, Sound, Words, Ideas, and most importantly, People.

And when you Learn how to Wield this mighty Weapon for Good, you can become More Powerful than ever.

Everywhere we are hearing that we need to Unplug...true...the internet can Be Distracting.

But Speaking Plainly, I think it's Time that we Plug In. Let's Accept the Incredible Opportunity that the Internet Presents. Let's Use It to Change the World For Jesus.

Fight Fire with Fire. Use the Weapon against Evil. Let's Make a Move that leaves Evil little Defense.

Plug In... This Territory Is Ours.