Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Character Files- Introduction

What is one of the greatest elements of a good story?

It's as obvious as the nose on your face: good characters.

He may be a sad, strange little man. But he's one of my favorites!

A good character consists of someone who brings emotion out of you. A good character is a protagonist that you cheer for with all of you heart. A good character is an evil villain that causes you to grind your teeth and sends shivers down your spine. A good character is someone who begins as an unlikable, worthless individual, and ends as one of your best friends.

We were in love with this scoundrel from minute one, still, he was arguably a better person by the end.

A good character stays with you for longer than the amount of time you spent between the pages of their book. A good character rises up in your mind as you live your everyday life. A good character enables you to draw parallels between them and other individuals you meet in reality.

A good character is your friend even when you are 100 years old.

A good character becomes a friend, an ally, a family member, or an enemy.

"Which one am I?" We don't really know at this point, Loki, but we still love you. <3

A good character can make or break a story. Even a story with a somewhat dull plot can keep your interest if you are deeply in love with the character. We are instinctively drawn to root for persons who capture our interest and connect with our own hearts.

This is the beginning of a new series of mine in which I will explore some of the greatest characters in both books and movies. Characters, even fictional ones are a great way to connect with other people in your own world. The fact that two people are drawn to the same character can be a link that can lead to communication and friendship.

Great characters can bring us together, great characters can divide us, a great character can change our lives forever; and a great character can reveal the best and the worst parts of who we are as people.

Join me as I share about some of my favorite characters. And who knows? Maybe they are your favorite as well....

....and this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.